Welcome to BN College



B N College Dhaka has launched its journey with the mission creating generations having wisdom, creativity and social commitment.   Increasing rate of educated people is not enough for our country now. With socioeconomic advancement we have to plan and act to develop our children with maximum competence. Formal and curricular activities are not enough to achieve the goal. Getting higher GPA`s cannot solve our problem. We need to be honest, sincere, disciplined and we should posses good moral character, excellent values, patriotism and dedication for excellence.  Our mission is to give quality education arousing motivation among students for self fulfillment. We believe that real education flourishes when an individual is capable of solving and analyzing individual problem.  We are working to enrich three components of intelligence among our students, these are, problem solving, reasoning, and walking toward positive goal.  Therefore, our mission is to create generations who will serve for our country for its prosperity and development.

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