Why Study in Noubahini College, Dhaka

As BANGLADESH NAVY COLLEGE DHAKA is operated by Bangladesh Navy, discipline is maintained strictly. Guardians are informed about the regular activities of the students through text message. Overall security is ensured by CCTV.

Science students are given privilege in joining Bangladesh Navy like Cadet College. It is an Institution where both moral and quality Education is given preference. Class room activities are closely monitored by the principal. Weak students are given extra care.

This Institution aims at imparting such type of educational excellence that enables them not only to make good results in public examinations but also to get admitted in renowned higher educational institutions after completing HSC. The students of this institution take part in various types of extra curricular activities held nationwide and achieve name and fame.

A highly qualified teaching staff works spontaneously for making the students capable of coping with the challenges regarding academic and non-academic issues.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]