Awareness of Cyclone Mocha

Due to cyclone Mocha, two LNG terminals at Cox Bazar area will be disconnected tonight and moved to safer location. This can interrupt overall gas supply situation in the country and we may face longer load shedding due to gas crisis.
Few advice..
1. Cook food for next two days by tomorrow afternoon.
2. Put water on zip bags or strong poly bag and store them ( in water tight manner) at deep freezer to form ice. If there are long electricity cut, these ice bags will help maintain freezer temperature low for some time.
3. Make sure all your charger lights are fully charged. If you have IPS, check battery water level.
4. Just in case, buy few candles and one lighter ( those none smokers!)
5. Ask ur building supervisor to store diesel for the generator ( if you have)
6. Keep your car tank full with petrol. There might be cng shortage and people may jump to patrol stations.
7. In extreme case( those stays at chittagong area), buy one packing tape ( fabric type). It is helpful to put on your window glass in case u see the risks that strong wind can shatter your thai aluminium glass specially those staying at higher floor.
Last but not least, feel the power and strength of nature by hearing it’s roaring sound by keeping yourself in at a safe place and pray and praise to all mighty. All stay safe!