The following activities shall be deemed as constituting the offense, indiscipline activities and misconduct of a student:

  • Not wearing uniform and not following school/college standard
  • Absence/non attendance of a pupil from school/college without prior permission or subsequent approval of Principal.
  • Examination offenses.
  • Failure to pass the examination in the academic year.
  • Disobeying any teacher including the Head of the Institution.
  • Misbehavior/immoral act of any kinds with anyone, creating disturbance/ indiscipline act anywhere in the school/college premises.
  • Involvement in any unsocial, anti-social, unlawful and illegal activities that go against the interest of the institution, the state and humanity.
  • Using of abusive languages or violence.
  • Eve teasing.
  • Damage or cause of loss of asset/ property of the institution.
  • Any activity subversive of the institution or the state.
  • Entering the school in holidays/ non-working hours without permission.
  • Breach of rules and regulations of the school/ college.

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